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As a National Agency of Automotive Suppliers, we are a reference in the Mexican industrial sector related to the sale and manufacture of vehicles and auto parts; in addition, we have extensive knowledge of the entire supply chain of the automotive sector.


We link the chain of suppliers in the automotive sector, we look and serch additional purchase orders so that your company grows and significantly increases its customer portfolios. 

With the professionalism of our human resources, we provide your companies with support in, plant relocation (Nearshoring). We provide infrastructure and manufacturing appropriate to the field (Shelter) and, above all, we find, evaluate and choose potential suppliers (Sourcing) that offer the best value for the supplier chain of the Mexican automotive sector and throughout North America, adding our knowledge in legal matters. , tax and foreign trade.



Offer solutions acording to the product and service companies of the automotive sector needs



Be a strategic partner to achieve the succes of your company


Core Values

  • Excellence: Quality and continous improvement
  • Mission driven: We are focused in the «What» and «How» of our mission
  • Agility: Our goals is to quickly adapt and solve the needs of our clients
  • Integrity: We are committed to being honest and earning your trust


Each partner that make up the agency has more than 20 years working for the automotive sector, in all its areas, from light and heavy vehicle assemble companies and t1 companies


B2B Sales

With our relationships and contacts we will increase your sales. 

Purchase Orders and business development


We help companies to establish themselves in Mexico, providing a series of options in different states in order to obtain the minium taxes, Price for land or other incentives with the generation of meetings with state governments and comparisons of incentives.


We reduce time in governmental procedures. Which translates into time and money savings.

  • Provides adequate infrastructure for the business.
  • Save on startup costs.
  • Reduction of customs costs when crossing the border.
  • Recruitment by Mexican professionals.
  • There is no direct legal obligation with the worker; the employment relationship is established with the shelter company.
  • Reduction of legal risks.
  • Savings from paying.Mexican taxes.
  • Reduce possible contingencies due to inadequate payment of government taxes.
  • A neutralized learning curve, being in a foreign country.


We find your supply chain: 

T1 – T2 – T3 –T4

We find, evaluate and choose potential suppliers that represent the best cost, that comply 100% with each of the requirements of the quality certifications. Using electronic bidding platforms «e-Sourcing» to make the most efficient choice for your company and that can be considered in the supply chain of the Mexican and North American automotive sector.

Real State

Facility for YOUR operation in:

  • The activity of buying, selling and renting real estate.
  • Real Estate investments.
  • Real estate agencies.
  • Real estate agents.
  • Construction of new homes.
  • Taxes applicable to real estate

Representative Service

    • Development of new clients seeking to generate new OEM, T1 and T2 purchase orders
    • (No cost for buyers) Location of suppliers of any type of process or manufacturing of auto parts or components and Services in Mexico, the US and Canada

Custom Broker

  • Customs Agency in Mexico and the US
  • Freight forwarder
  • Imports and exports
  • Obtaining a general registry of importers
  • Customs records, procedures, authorizations and permits
  • Marketing
  • Compliance with security standards
  • International Logistics (Sea, Air and Land Freight)
  • Customs and Tax Advice
  • PAMAS Care and Resolution
  • Strategic Controlled Precincts
  • Storage and distribution
standarizatio 550


Our services are born from the needs in the market (supply and demand) and for the benefit of those importers, exporters and participants in the exchange of products and services worldwide; to provide comprehensive quality international trade services.

  • Test laboratory
  • NOM Safety Certifications
  • Opinion 5TER
  • Evaluation of operation manuals and guarantees
  • Accredited Inspection Unit
  • Labeling service
  • Product Certification


We have one of the most important firms in the country specialized in collective matters, representing our clients in negotiations with unions for the review of collective bargaining contracts, as well as for their termination. We provide preventive advice to avoid all types of conflicts of a collective nature. The firm has extensive experience in negotiating all types of existing collective conflicts, such as strike calls, outright strikes and claims for ownership of collective bargaining contracts.

We assist in measuring occupational risk with tools that allow us to detect and develop areas of opportunity.

We have worked with unions to legitimize their collective relations and sustain an active and professional union life. Specialists in the labor chapter of the USMCA.

Civil, commercial, inheritance and succession matters

  • Preparation and review of civil and commercial contracts.
  • Representation in property and family trials.
  • Advice and representation in succession matters.
  • Study and assessment of collection and/or recovery of unproductive assets.

Social Security and Infonavit

  • Review of timely compliance with SS and Infonavit laws.
  • Reduction and implementation of measures to avoid its increase.
  • Advice and support on wage integration matters.
  • Attention to procedures before IMSS, Infonavit, Federal Court of Fiscal and Administrative Justice and Amparo Courts

Organization and development of Human Resources

  • Internal communication and development of business and union leaders.
  • Definition of objectives and performance evaluation.
  • Description and evaluation of positions.
  • Compensation administration.
  • Preparation of staff training and development plans and programs.

Verification of compliance with labor standards

  • Verification of compliance with Labor Standards, which includes the labor audit to review general working conditions.


Goverment Tax Regulation

  • Goverment Tax defense against acts of Mexican TAX Office from the beginning of the procedure until the determination of the tax credit.
  • Consultations to the Authority
  • Tax restructurings
  • Tax compliance
  • Tax analysis
  • Audits and tax reviews
  • Advice and asset protection
  • Comprehensive Certification Scheme
  • Prodecon: Conclusive Agreement, Complaint
  • Specific tax services: Services focused on providing specific tax advice for the specific needs of each of our clients.

Foreign trade

  • Analysis of non-tariff regulations and restrictions
  • Interpretation of specific tax regulations regarding trade
  • Criterion before competent authority
  • Management and monitoring of procedures and authorizations
  • Comprehensive defense of customs matters
  • Attention to importing and exporting companies
  • Solutions for customs agencies
  • Attention to foreign trade programs
  • VAT and IEPS Certification
  • Customs and foreign trade compliance plan
  • Surveillance of critical points that avoid major contingencies that suspend foreign trade operations for Mexican IMMEXprogram, Certified companies, general importers and specific sectors.
  • Administrative acts for the recovery of merchandise in precautionary seizures: Administrative Procedure in Customs Matters (PAMA), Incident in accordance with Art. 152 of the Customs Law, Immediate attention to Foreign Trade Audits.

Taxes devolution

  • Industry visit
  • Cabinet Review
  • Origin Review
  • Legal Stay of Goods
  • Refund of Foreign Trade Contributions
  • Payment of undue
  • Compensation
  • General Register of Importers and Specific Sectors: New, Reincorporation
  • Tax return exporter registry

Industry Events / Webinars / Trainings

Specialists in creating networking events for senior managers in the automotive sector.


Event: Jun 3-7 2024

Attend the most ambitious edition in terms of technology, solutions, level of innovation and exhibition space in the industry.


Get in touch with us and participate in the different webinars we have on relevant industry topics.


We invite you to keep an eye on our trainings.


Relevant publications

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Become a member of the largest community in the Automotive Sector.  Some of our benefits:

  • T-MEC Seal
  • Inscription in the North American Automotive Sector’s Reliable Companies Register.
  • Half-sheet advertising inside the Automotive Report (sent to 5,000 automotive companies in Mexico, the United States and Canada).
  • Participation in webinars at no cost
  • Participation in B2B breakfasts at a preferential rate.
  • Participation in the Magno event at a preferential cost.
  • – Plant visits with preferential rates
  • – Logo diffusion in social networks
  • Preferential costs in ANAPSA services (Foreign Trade, Standardization, Certifications, Management, etc).
  • Personalized B2B meetings

Save Time, Money, and Effort

We offer a wide range of services to facilitate your establishment and operation in Mexico, ensuring legal compliance and maximizing efficiency and cost savings. 

From Shelter service, Nearshoring, B2B sales, E-Sourcing, Real Estate to labor, legal, and customs advice, we are here to assist you every step of the way.

Visit us at Mario Pani 750, 2nd Floor, Colonia: Santa fe Cuajimalpa
Alcaldía Cuajimalpa de Morelos, C.P. 05348, México City 

Send us a message, we will respond as soon as possible.